A Day Downtown


Today we enjoyed a trip downtown. First we went back to Pepper Place, our first trip this season. There I bought some Strawberry Preserves from Jim Suttle of Mountain Meadows Farms. As an organic farmer, Mr. Suttle knows how to “make lemonade out of lemons”. He uses no pesticides, so when this year’s strawberry crop had problems because of the excess rain, he salvaged some of the berries to make preserves. I then visited Red Rubin Nursery where I got a Chocolate Mint plant and some advice on how to keep it alive.

After a few more purchases, we went on the Magic City Art Connection at Linn Park.  There we found a huge selection of art for every taste. Some favorite artists were Marcus Ryan, Walt Stricklin, and Rick & Linda Bachman, Sarah Bean and Julie Schwarz.

Out last stop was the Birmingham Public Library where we happily stumbled upon a book sale! I got two: Once there Was a War by John Steinbeck and The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes which held a sweet surprise – a letter to someone named Sarah. I love when I fall upon such treasures. I once found a baptismal certificate and a photograph from the 1940s in a book I bought at a different library’s sale.

The rain held off while we were out, so all in all it was a good day!


April on 459


That moment when you leave mid-morning
for a half day of work
grateful for the part-time job

The sun is shining
just a dusting of white clouds
and you see why they call that color sky blue

All signs of winter are vanished
as you pass the jade hills
on either side of the interstate
with Stevie Wonder singing his lovely Songs in the Key of Life

And now you are alive to
what Browning meant
when he wrote Pippa’s Song

B’ham-Shuttlesworth Airport


I have flown as much in the past year or so than in all my years before that. Back and forth from B’ham to Jacksonville and Tampa, via Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami. There is one thing comforting about the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport than none of the other ones have: Morgan Freeman.

Yep, that voice telling you not to leave your bags unattended – that’s Morgan Freeman. I always smile when I hear him. I know I’m home.



I had my first experience with WorkPlay this past Friday night and I must say, I liked it!

I was so excited when I found out JJ Grey & Mofro were coming to town. I heard them about 8 years ago in Jacksonville with my daughter – she’s a big fan. She even knows a few band members. Anyway, I convinced my husband to go with me and I ordered the tickets. The show was supposed to be outdoors at Avondale Brewing Company. I am so glad the venue was changed – I do not own any rain boots (but they are on my wish list).

Parking was super easy – a pleasant surprise. Getting in was also easy. This is only the second time I’ve been to a standing-room-only venue. I’m glad I listened to my husband when he suggested we get a spot by the back wall. It was good to have a place to lean on occasion.

The show was opened by Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers. I am now a fan. 🙂 They have a new album, LOVE WILD LOST, coming out April 21st. Their music is described as Americana – take a listen:

JJ Grey grew up in and around Jacksonville, where my husband and I also grew up. Jj was from the westside, my husband from the northside, and I was from the southside, so we got it all covered. 🙂 Grey’s songs are inspired by life in north Florida. One of my favorites is Lochloosa, a spot in the road I’ve driven through many a time between Jacksonville and Tampa. Take a listen:

I will be keeping my eye out for another concert at WorkPlay in the future!