Poems for FREE!!


Fruit Cove, Florida

I read an article in the paper a few months ago about a young woman, Jacqueline Suskin, who writes poems for people. She sets up a small desk and an old fashioned typewriter at the Hollywood Farmers Market. Her sign says: “Poem Store. Your Subject – Your Price”. Her customers give her the topic or a few words and she will write them a poem. It usually just takes her a matter of minutes, but more often than not she touches a chord in them. Some have been brought to tears. Some are regular customers.

The customers pay her whatever they feel like, into a pretty tin box. Usually it’s $5, but some have paid up to $20.

Suskin, 28, got the idea from poet Zach Houston who invited her to do Poem Store with him back in 2009. She’s been doing it ever since at various venues.


I’m offering the same to you – FREE. Of course, donations are always welcome! ☺

My poetry skills have gotten rusty, so I think this will benefit me and hopefully anyone who makes a request. If you want a poem, leave your request in the comments. You might want to let me know if it should be serious or funny.