A Downtown Discovery


I scored two free tickets to see Big Fish on Thursday night. The catch (pardon the pun)? I wrote a review for a local paper. But I’d like to share a little bit of the experience that isn’t in the review.

Big Fish is playing September 11-October 4th at Red Mountain Theatre on 19th Street. Street parking was easy to get, but there is also a nearby parking garage. The entrance to the venue, in the Kress building, is nothing elaborate. As soon as you go in, you head downstairs. There it’s a different world. The area isn’t large, but the seats are comfortable, the stage and sets were fabulous, and the place serves drinks if you are so inclined.

A word of warning, though. DON”T use the bathrooms upstairs. Before the show, my friend and I needed to go and didn’t see any restrooms downstairs. They were there, just behind the curtain that hadn’t opened yet. So we found the restroom in the hall upstairs. It was like any other restroom in an office building. But, when I came out  of the stall to wash my hands, I was informed by a woman “You know these aren’t public bathrooms. I was wondering who was in here. These are for the lawyers.” I apologized, but I wanted to laugh. Clearly she needs to put a sign on the door that says “Lawyers Only”.  Maybe she should set up her office in there.

The show was fabulous, full of actors with local connections and wonderful voices. It was an evening of entertainment well worth the rebuff of the little lawyer.

The original article is Big Fish – A Big Performance! 


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