Berry Picking and Picnicking


This past week I met up with some friends at Mountain Meadows Farm for some berry picking. There were 12 of us, from 10 months old to 50-something and we all had a great time.


Mountain Meadows is an organic farm owned and run by Jim Suttle in Columbiana. He grows strawberries in the spring, blueberries and blackberries in the summer, and has Christmas trees for sale in December. Farmer Suttle provides gallon baskets for picking and plastic bags to carry your treasures home. The cost is $20/gallon on the honor system.

After picking, visitors are encouraging to stay and have a picnic under the trees. There is even a lovely hammock for those inclined to rest or swing.


The hours for picking are as follows:

Sunday 1–7PM
Monday–Tuesday Closed
Wednesday–Saturday 7AM–1PM

You can also find Farmer Suttle at Pepper Place Market on Saturday morning and at the Homewood Farmers Market from June-August.


  • Pack a lunch and enjoy the peace of the farm
  • Bring a blanket to sit on if you picnic
  • Bring a cooler with ice for your berries, especially if you have a long drive home.
  • Bring cash or a check

Last year I went in May to pick strawberries. You can read about that visit below.

Stone Hollow

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Stone Hollow Farmstead, a goat farm in Harpersville. I found out about the lovely place via a Living Social coupon offer. I took a friend from church ; it’s nice to know people who will say yes when you ask, “Want to go to a goat farm?”


Anyway, it was a perfect Tuesday morning when we arrived for our tour and tasting. The goats were adorable, the cheese delicious. The 80-acre farm also boasts chickens, cows, horses, a few rabbits and a bull, though he may not be around much longer. Beautiful raised beds gardens provide various herbs and produce for The Pantry in Crestline.


The artisan cheeses are crafted on site by hand, as are a selection of jams, syrups, and pickles. After the tasting, I had a hard time making up my mind, but I finally decided on the Fig Cheese.


If you want a nice drive to the country, or are hankering to pet a goat, or would like some delicious cheese, head out to Stone Hollow Farmstead.

Mountain Meadows Farm

1824 Hwy 30 – Columbiana, Al 35051  


When we went to Pepper Place Farmers Market a few weeks ago we got some delicious strawberries. What drew me to these particular berries was the fact that they are grown without using any chemicals.

So I got my new neighbor, Suzanne, to ride out to the country with me to pick berries at Mountain Meadows Farm in Columbiana. Owner Jim Suttle describes himself as an Alabama Dirt Farmer and his slogan is “It’s all about the soil.”

We took a lot of back roads, depending solely on Flo, my phone’s GPS gal, to get us there. We were relieved and happy to see the sign for the farm and turned in.  Farmer Suttle had us follow his truck back to the berry patches and provided us with baskets to hold our berries.  (We also tasted a few as we went along the rows – so yummy!

For our return trip we took a different route that was less country roads and more highways. I am looking forward to going back next month when the blueberries and blackberries will be ready. Hopefully it will coincide with the time when some of his vegetables will also be ready.

If you like fresh, chemical free produce, check out Mountain Meadows Farm. Then, go back in December to get a fresh Christmas tree.