It Happens

Things happen that we have no control over, like today when the power went out. I’d actually slept in – I had no idea it was nearly 9am – and it was the boom that awoke me. I opened my eyes to see the ceiling fan slowing to a stop. That was when I realized the power was out.

Moments later I heard a siren, so I looked out from my backyard vantage point to see a firetruck stopped on Morgan Road. At first I thought there had been an accident, so I grabbed the binoculars. I saw the guys out directing traffic, but could see no cars that seem to be involved in a wreck or anything.

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Soon Alabama Power arrived on the scene and went about doing what they do. I understand it was a blown transformer. I know little to nothing about electricity, except that it is useful for all kinds of stuff.  Until I was without, I didn’t realize just how much I took it for granted. I couldn’t see the screen on the thermostat – oops – turning on the hall light was no help. Got to use the bathroom – oops – better leave the door open. Computer? Well, there was battery backup. But internet? I pulled out my Verizon jetpack. Good thing I didn’t have to go anywhere because I don’t know exactly how to manually open the garage door. The one problem I could not solve was my lack of coffee. That was the first thing I took care of when the power was restored.

Thank you, Alabama Power, for being so competent. Thank you, LORD, for all the daily blessings that I enjoy.


B’ham-Shuttlesworth Airport


I have flown as much in the past year or so than in all my years before that. Back and forth from B’ham to Jacksonville and Tampa, via Atlanta, Charlotte, and Miami. There is one thing comforting about the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth Airport than none of the other ones have: Morgan Freeman.

Yep, that voice telling you not to leave your bags unattended – that’s Morgan Freeman. I always smile when I hear him. I know I’m home.