I had my first experience with WorkPlay this past Friday night and I must say, I liked it!

I was so excited when I found out JJ Grey & Mofro were coming to town. I heard them about 8 years ago in Jacksonville with my daughter – she’s a big fan. She even knows a few band members. Anyway, I convinced my husband to go with me and I ordered the tickets. The show was supposed to be outdoors at Avondale Brewing Company. I am so glad the venue was changed – I do not own any rain boots (but they are on my wish list).

Parking was super easy – a pleasant surprise. Getting in was also easy. This is only the second time I’ve been to a standing-room-only venue. I’m glad I listened to my husband when he suggested we get a spot by the back wall. It was good to have a place to lean on occasion.

The show was opened by Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers. I am now a fan. 🙂 They have a new album, LOVE WILD LOST, coming out April 21st. Their music is described as Americana – take a listen:

JJ Grey grew up in and around Jacksonville, where my husband and I also grew up. Jj was from the westside, my husband from the northside, and I was from the southside, so we got it all covered. 🙂 Grey’s songs are inspired by life in north Florida. One of my favorites is Lochloosa, a spot in the road I’ve driven through many a time between Jacksonville and Tampa. Take a listen:

I will be keeping my eye out for another concert at WorkPlay in the future!